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Welcome to the business overview area.  This will give folks an idea of what is happening now.  I will endeavor to keep it changed as things move along and businesses are restructered,  sold, abandoned or otherwise not recieving much time from our enterprise.  

Live by a Vision,  the monetary engine is through Life Path Unlimited

A new venture for us as of February 4th, 2009.  I have finished the due diligence of the company.  WOW.  As I was talkeing with my life Coach in a session, we discovered that the goals and dreams I have been hoping for are happening now.  I have been preparing for twenty years in many different industries for this.  A few common themes that have been consistent in my life  as a serial-entrepreneur has been a love and talent for the arts and a passion fo personal development.  Life Path is the answer to both.  Using the latest and marketing methods and technology I am able to leverage time with Life Path and put together a strong income without having to sacrifice the normal 50-80 hours a week needed in traditional business. This buys me more time for the family and still be able to pursue my painting and fine art photography.  Very Cool.

Buzz Concepts consists of several internet marketing sites with an emphaisis on art marketing.


Tim ONeill Studios

Emphasis is curretnly on high end fine art portraiture using a proprietary blend of digital and traditional media.