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Hey all,

The family blog is here for a couple different reasons.  

First it gives the fam and extended fam a place to check up on us and see whats happening.  That is not to say though that I will be diligent is adding to it daily, weekly or monthly even.  I do the daily, weekly thing with the business goodies so I dont want to committ to that here.  Maybe as the mood strikes or whatever.  

Second, I wanted the kids and Allison to have the opportunity to learn the skills needed for blogging as they are becoming more and more important and are especially important for an entrepreneurial family.   Being an internet marketer makes it especially necessary for my family to begin to understand at least a small piece of what we do to put peanut butter and jelly on the table.

Finally, it is put here for those people who want to find out a bit about the person/people behind the products and services you find in various places online.  In some of my business blogs I teach that transparency and authenticity are huge factors in growing an online presence.  This blog is congruent with that belief as you can see who we are without hype or pretense.  You may not like what you see in which case we did our job as we wont be responsible for wasting your time or ours.  On the other hand you may find that you do like who we are and what we stand for.  Likewise the content herein did the job intended.

Images if used on here may be snapshots.  I cant tell you how that really grates on my sense of design. You will see in my background why I may struggle with that.  BUT, againg this is a family blog and not intended to be spit polished and pretty, so you may run across some pretty shoddy looking photos.  It’s ok.  If I can dal with it I am sure you can as well.  Besides there should be enough decent stuff to balance it out.  

So, there you have it.  Check us out.  Enjoy.  Live-Love-Laugh.